Organise iron and ironing board together to save space.
image of wall-mount iron organizer and ironing board in white and black

Iron & Ironing Board Organizer

Hold your iron and ironing board together with wall mounted holder.

VOFUWOOD iron organizer, also known as electric iron tray, iron hanger, ironing board hanger, ironing board hook, used to store the iron and ironing board in a centralized storage, saving space and time, keeping the ironing area clean and orderly. The universal wall-mounted organiser is suitable for most irons and ironing board sizes. Today, VOFU iron organiser has become a standard product in hotels guest rooms, KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut restaurants.

image of iron organizer on the wall mounted

Suitable for almost all iron and ironing board.

* The arc is carefully measured and is designed for almost all mainstream iron sizes.

ironing board hanger and hook Wall mounted design, integrated storage, clean and convenient

Best All in One

Iron Ironing Board Storage Solution

The Best Solution for your iron & ironing board.

“Undoubtedly, VI-C2 is one of the best solution, saving space and time. You can hang up the ironing board and the iron directly within a few minutes after ironing and folding the clothes.”

Allen Anderson.
Designer, vofuwood, Denmark

Excellent Material & Crafts

  1. 1

    Heat-resistant Material

    High temperature resistant PBT.

  2. 2

    Sturdy and Durable

    One-piece injection molding for durability.

  3. 3

    Wear-resistant without deformation

    Wear-resistant, non-deformable, no fading.

the color of iron organizer options
Black / white optional, customizable LOGO and color.
Closeup of ironing board hook and iron organizer

Pragmatism & Minimalism

The positions of electric irons, wires and ironing boards are all in place.

Free Bonus: ironing board hook

Wall-mounted design storage rack structure of iron organiser

Easy to install

Attach the three screws to fix the iron organizer and hanger to the closet or wall together.

installation instructions of iron and ironing board storage rack

Detailed dimension size of iron and ironing board organizer for hotels
Closeup of ironing board hook and iron organizer

More Stable Ironing Board For Hotels

6 adjustable heights from 70mm to 85mm.
Reinforced metal frame structure
More stable support feet

ironing board for hotels and guestroom
the size of hotel inroom ironing board

More Comfortable Hotel ironing board

Widened and enlarged ironing panel, Thickened and flat cloth cover, Delicate surface treatment.

ironing boards in hotels rooms
iron board used in guestrooms
the picture of hotels ironing board

Popular in Hotels & Restaurants

VOFU iron organizer is good-looking, easy to use and durable, and has become a standardized configuration commonly used in many high-end hotel guest rooms, ironing service areas, and staf dressing areas.

the case of vofu iron organizer and ironing boards

Shanghai Jinqiao Hongfeng Marriott Hotel
Shanghai Marriott Hongqiao Hotel
Shanghai Grand Hotel
Pudong Shangri-La Hotel
Tangshan Shangri-La Hotel
Beijing Kerry Hotel
Zhangjiajie Marriott Holiday Hotel
Jiangshan Jinling Hotel
Guangning Overseas Chinese Hotel
Jinan Haidiequan Mountain Villa
Yibin Jinshajiang Avenue Luneng Real Estate
Guangzhou Hongde International Hotel
Wuhu Central City Hotel
China Construction Bank Wuxi Nursing Home
Wenzhou Marriott Business Hotel
Qiandaohu Fengtai Junting Hotel
Ningbo Yijiashan Hotel
Zhengzhou Chengyu De Hotel
Guangxi Hezhou Jiuhushan Hotel
Huizhou Jialu International Hotel
Lishui Yunman Hotel

Sheraton Sheraton Hotel
Sheraton Wuhan Ocean Hotel
Shenzhen Zhongzhou Marriott Hotel
Yiwu Marriott Hotel
Taizhou Marriott Hotel
Chongzuo Oriental Crowne Plaza Hotel
Ramada Hotel Yiyang Taohuajiang
Ramada Plaza Changsha Aspen Hotel
Holiday Inn Express Changzhou
Hefei McKenzie Hotel
Fuzhou Meilun Hotel
Yiwu Zhonglian Kaixin Hotel
Zhangwanjie Lanwan Boge International Hotel
Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Holiday Hotel
Zhenjiang New Century International Hotel
Nanjing Bali Yuanshu Hot Spring Hotel
Hunan Yueyang Hotel
Shanghai Yiyi Garden Resort
Hangzhou Minghao International Hotel
Suzhou High Speed Rail New City Business Hotel
Changsha Yueyue Hotel

Dalian Hilton Hotel
Guangzhou Linhe Middle Road All Seasons Hotel
Beijing Yizhuang All Seasons Hotel
Zhenjiang Changfa Plaza All Seasons Hotel
Atour Hotel, No. 76, Jidong Road, Shaoxing
Atour Light Hotel Chengdu Red Star Road
Ningbo Atour Hotel
Atour Hotel Huzhou Senfu Building
Atour Hotel Hangzhou Hushu South Road
Atour Hotel, 16 Citizen Street, Dalian
Atour Hotel, No.399 Suzhou Avenue East
Atour Hotel, No.1 Middle Section of Yanta Road, Xi'an
Atour Light Residence Hotel, 57 Huaxin East Street, Chengdu
9289 Binhe Avenue, Shenzhen Atour Hotel
Hailian Atour Hotel, No.1, Tatou Road, Dongmen, Fuzhou
Atour Hotel, No.166 Yugu Road, Hangzhou
Atour Hotel, 103 Jiefang Road, Xi'an
Atour Hotel, 48 Xianyang North Road, Tianjin
Yaduo Light Hotel, Jianhua South Road, Beijing
Wuxi Santa Barbara Boutique Hotel
Huangshan Zemeixuan Boutique Hotel

Our success story

Sanya Phoenix Airport KFC
KFC, 55 Chongming Island West Road, Qingdao
Guangxi Yulin Kaida Commercial Building KFC
267 North Gate Road, Kunshan KFC
KFC, Bobai County, Yulin City
Shenzhen Baijiahua Shopping Mall KFC
Shijiazhuang Moore New Street KFC
KFC, 75 Happy Avenue, Wuhan
Xiamen Huli Wanda Plaza KFC
Guangxi Yulin Dongfeng Building KFC
Changzhou Guanhe East Road KFC
KFC, 141 Zhongshan West Road, Shijiazhuang

Zhengzhou Airport KFC
Sichuan Dazhou Luofu Square KFC
Guangzhou Golden Harbor Mall KFC
Changzhou Xincheng Wuyue Plaza KFC
Liuzhou Wanda KFC
Chongqing Kairui Shangdu KFC
Zhuhai Yingyue Road Yibaijia KFC
Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port Passenger Station KFC
Guangzhou Jinhao Jiayuan KFC
Nanning Jinhu Square KFC
Hefei Century Golden Source KFC

Shanghai Pizza Hut Restaurant
McDonald's 245, Xinzha Road, Shanghai
Changchun Guoshang Department Store McDonald's Jiping Restaurant
McDonald's, 319 Guoding Road, Shanghai


Regularly update customer inquiries, please contact us if you have any other questions.

Why do you have an iron organizer in your hotel room?

Hotel rooms are usually equipped with hotel irons, hotel foldable ironing boards, for customers to iron shirts or suits themselves, to keep them organized and convenient, and to keep the irons and ironing boards in the closet area. It has become the standard practice of high-star hotels, so the integrated high-temperature iron hanger and ironing board hooks become one of the standard rooms, saving space and time.

Why do you need high temperature and anti-scalding materials for the iron organizer?


What is the difference between the iron ironing board organizer and the ironing board independent hook?